Hide survey history for participants?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I am conducting an ESM study in which it is important that participants fill in the survey in the time limits set in the properties (15 minutes). Their payment is also based on their compliance with the protocol.

I saw that the history allows editing responses. In my pilot study, it was hence possible to enter data about i.e. the current emotional state for a survey 2 days ago. This would allow participants to fully ignore the protocol and just backfill all data without any awareness on how they actually felt days ago.

Would it be possible to remove the ‘edit’ option of the history or remove the history of this study all together? :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for your help!

Hi @y.s.schittenhelm

The History option is not enabled by default. In fact, this is an experimental feature that is not even accessible through the user interface of our Survey Editor. To enable this, a researcher should modify the JSON file of the survey directly.

Now I’m wondering how this is enabled for your study. One hypothesis is that you duplicated the survey from another study of yours, and this setting was enabled in the source survey. But either way, I can disable this for you. You would need to tell me your study ID and the activity (survey) ID.

Also, welcome to Ethica :slight_smile:


Hi @m.hashemian

Thank you so much for your extensive reply! I would indeed appreciate if you could help me further.

While I have duplicated my activities from one to another, I have not enabled the settings in the source survey that was also only created in the Survey Editor.

The concerning study data is:

Study ID: 1582
Study Name: Fuel or relief: Self-reported effects of cannabis

with the activity IDs 11307 and 12465.

I was wondering whether this is also the case for the following case: My participants can see in Options → Notifications when the next survey is (randomly) scheduled. Can this be disabled in a similar fashion?


Hi @y.s.schittenhelm

I disabled this in both of the surveys of your study. You may need to update the participants’ devices, as explained here.

Regarding the notification time, unfortunately this cannot be disabled. We have explained elsewhere in the Ethica Learn why our survey notification in Android requires this.