Getting screen and steps data at different resolution

Hi there. I started to download the screen activity and steps (accelerometer) data for my study (it’s the begening of the study so just to check), but I have only be able to get high-resolution data, like steps every some minutes.

(1) What’s the procedure to only get daily summary (total number of steps on one day or a specific period)? I can filter that on R afterward but would like to avoid creating heavy files with information that are not of interest to me.

(2) Same for screen activity - I am only interested in some information (last and first time the screen was active during a day and screen activity at night) - do I need to download everything at high resolution and process it myself or there is an other way to approach that and only download what I need?

Many thanks. Guillaume

Hi @guillaume.chevance

A few points:

  1. Steps (pedometer) is a different sensor that Accelerometer. You can read about each here.

  2. Accelerometer is collected one minute every 5-minutes (due to the size of the data). Pedometer data is collected continuously. That’s why you get data once every few minutes.

  3. To get the aggregate data, you need to collect raw data and aggregate it on your end. We are working on some aggregation features, but at the moment, the data is only available as raw. Same applies to the Screen State data as well.

Hope it helps,

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