"Finish the survey" for choosing an option not working

Hello, I want the participant to be able to finish the survey when they answer “I don’t know” in the first question. So I’ve set the survey as the image below; the answer ID 7’s next section ID would be “finish the survey.” However, in the Ethica application, if I choose the “I don’t know” option, it doesn’t end the survey and goes to the second question. Is there something that I am missing? Thank you!

Dear @yjcha ,
I think your problem might be with your multiple answer question properties which let the participants to select I don't know answer along side other answers as well. Assuming this case that I don't know is selected, if any of the other answers set as selected, your survey will enable the next defined question inside the properties and will not finish the survey. I suggest you try setting the answer id 7 to be as an exclusive answer or If you don’t need to select multiple answers at the same time you can use Single Answer question type instead.

If non of above will work for you, Please let me know your study id so I can help you out with.

Hello, thank you for your reply.

Yes, I’ve tried setting the answer id 7 as an exclusive answer, but it still goes to the second question. I need to make this question multiple answer type, and I need to create several surveys like this.

Here is my study and survey id so that you can help, thank you! Study id: 2321, Survey id: 15132

@yjcha OK let me check and get back to you as It might take a while, I recommend to proceed with Single Answer question type for now if it’s possible.

Okay, thank you for working on this and please let me know if it gets fixed.