Feature request: "Update app" button within Ethica

The title says it all: I think there should be an “Update app” button in the Settings page.

I know that updates happen automatically anyway, and further that apps can be updated via the App Store. However:

  • if there is an urgent bug fix needed, one might want to force the update rather than waiting for the scheduled update
  • some people are not very technically literate so going to the App store to update is more complexity and another thing to go wrong

More broadly, the more I go on working on my cohort study, the more I am convinced that you cannot make things too simple or too easy for research participants.

Thanks for the comment @atdutoit. We already have something similar to this in our roadmap.

Every time the app is opened by the participant, it contacts the server to receive some essential data. We are adding the minimum version supported to that essential data. So if the app’s version is lower than that, it does not allow participant to continue working with the app, and asks them to update their app first.

Of course, if the app is updated, participants would never see this page. I expect we have this added to the app within the next few months.

Thanks for the suggestion though. It’s good to know the need for a feature like this is felt.