Export Data Problems

Hi there,

I already searched the forum, but could not find the answer. I am strugling with exporting the data of my study (2045). If i go to data export i cannot export data because no data source is found.
When i go to survey responses it does say it is preparing data, but nothing seems to happen. What would be the estimated time to prepare the download, and where can i find it when it is ready? Or do i need to stay logged in during this process?

Hi @a.m.kaag

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. The issue arises due to the large number of responses or complexity of the filter, and the download process, as it tries to extract all these data, faces a timeout. However, we’re addressing this issue in the upcoming weeks. Once the changes are in place, the export process will occur in the background, and you’ll receive a notification email upon completion.

Until then, a workaround involves reducing the size of the response list by applying a filter. For instance, you can filter data after certain dates, or for specific participants. However, considering the inconvenience of merging several CSV files, I have prepared a comprehensive participant export for you. When the export is ready, you will receive a notification via your email, and you can download the export from your dashboard on the ‘Data Export’ page. Please note that this will be in the old format of the CSV, which has limited columns and a different order. If you require the new format with your desired selected columns and filters, please reach out to us at support@ethicadata.com.

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Hi Mohammad,
So if i understand you correctly there is currently nothing that i can do differently to make sure that the date is exported, except for filtering data?

The data file that you prepared, i noticed that there is missing data. For example for participant with ethica ID#67256 the last date in the csv file is March 28th, while under survey responses i can see that the responses continue until the beginning of may.

I did not check others as it is rather time consuming, but could this be solved?

Hi @a.m.kaag,

Exactly, but in the upcoming weeks, this behavior will be fixed.
I created the export again, would you please check it and let me know if it still has missing data? (The ID of this export is 2)
If it’s still not resolved, I will create the export in the new format instead to make sure everything is correct.