Export data into a working spss file

Hello there, I have a problem regarding exporting data from the study #1454. I am trying to export the survey responses from all participants across the tradtional baseline questionnaire and the momentary ESM questionnaire, but I cannot get a workable spss file whenever I open it. I only get a single variable with all the information (participant ID, item 1,2,3,3 etc.) instead of all the variables being separated from one another (each question being a single variable). To perform any statistical analysis I need a regular file, in which each item and each information is a single variable.
Can someone please help me with this issue?

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Hi @m.ostendorf.utwente ,

Hope you are doing well. Right now Ethica only supports export in one format for CSV. If you need to modify it in a way that can be used in SPSS, R, or other statistical packages, you need to modify the file in a text editor first, and then load it into another software.

We are working on expanding the export formats. So very soon we will support more flexible export options as well.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Hi Mohammed,
Could you please provide the steps that need to be taken to do this? Specifically: what exactly needs to be modified in the text editor file for SPSS to read the data file correctly?

Hi @vandebongardt

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with SPSS format. I just know it’s an ASCII format and is not binary. It means that it can be created and modified using a normal text editor.

Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful here.