Export data and undefined answers

Hi there,

In study ID 833, participant #14121, we experience difficulties exporting the data to CSV, as there is no ‘data source’ to select we can’t download the data.

In addition, we see that since a couple of days our participant’s scores on items with a visual analogue scale is set to ‘undefined’. Other items seem fine as usual. Participant confirmed to us that she does complete those items as usual, but somehow the data does not show in Ethica when we choose to ‘display’ the data (instead of exporting to csv which doesn’t work)

I was wondering if you could help us export data again to csv and retrieve the data that appear to be missing or ‘undefined’?

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Hi @nschippers

First, regarding the undefined value while displaying responses, this was a bug in our system. It’s fixed now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Now you can view the responses via Researcher Dashboard just fine.

Second, regarding the data export, you cannot create any Export by going to the Data Export page, because your study does not have any data source. But you can go to the Responses page, choose your list of surveys and participants, and then click Export. This will prepare an export file, and put it in the table in the “Data Export” page. You will get an email when the exported file is ready.

Hope it helps

Thanks for your help!

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