Export all survey data issue


I appear to be unable to export the survey responses from multiple participants (study 2242). I can download a CSV for one participant at a time in the survey responses section whereas before I was able to select all the participants I needed. I have attempted to add multiple participants using the filter option but then the table and subsequent CSV remain blank.

Would you be able to support me with this issue?

Thank you!

Dear @c.armour

Would you please let me know what your filter looks like? Are using OR between conditions or AND?
Be aware that if you don’t filter by anything, your CSV export will contain all of your participants’ responses for that particular survey.
If you think sharing your filter might expose any data related to your participant, you can contact us via support@ethicadata.com.

Kind regards,

Hi Mohammad,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I am using the AND operator between conditions. It looks like this:
Display if participant ethica ID is equal to user #…1
AND participant ethica ID is equal to user #…2

I am also unable to download a CSV file with all participants (without a filter). When I try, a pop-up appears with “Your data is being prepared. You can close this dialog” but nothing appears in the data export section, not even after waiting for hours.

Best wishes

Dear @c.armour

Sorry for the late response.

That is the issue with your filter, your query would be translated to “give me all survey responses that belong to user 1 AND user 2” which is not feasible. You should use OR to get responses of multiple participants in your study.
About the second part, currently, new survey downloads won’t be in the export page, instead they would start to download instantly after clicking on download. If you don’t have a download pop-up right after clicking on the download button, there is an issue. Please check it again (ideally test with another browser too) and let me know if your download won’t get started.


Hi Mohammad,

It worked! Thank you.


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