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One of my app testers (study=676, user_ID=14212) mentioned that for the first prompt of the first questionnnaire (survey_ID=3518) the app said the survey expired (although no other survey was scheduled to be prompted beforehand). However, after clicking on the orange box in the menu, he was able to open the survey and fill it out. Any suggestions for why the app gave such a text?

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Hi @m.karacaoglu

Before survey 3518 was issued, the participant had another survey, 3520, on the night before, which was expired. So when she opens the app to respond to 3518, the app has shown a message for 3520, saying that survey is expired.

I understand the text in this case is confusing as it does not clarify which survey was expired. We are working on improving the messaging there. But for your information, the message she received was for Survey #3520 which was issued the night before.

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Hi @m.hashemian,

Thanks for your response. I think your explanation fits what happened on Day 2 with this participant (#14212). However, he told me this happened on Day 1, when he opened survey 3518 for the first time. There weren’t any surveys scheduled to be triggered before this survey.

Similarly, participant #14252 also reported the same thing on Day 1 for survey 3518.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Hi @m.karacaoglu

You are right. There was an issue on our code which under certain conditions it was incorrectly showing the following message:

Deze vragenlijst is verstreken en kan niet langer ingevuld worden.

This is been resolved now and will be part of our next app update this upcoming Monday.

Thanks for letting us know

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Sounds great, thank you!