Evening Survey Is Not Triggered Properly Despite Identical Triggering Logics

Good Afternoon,

there is the following problem with our study (2108): We have three daily surveys (morning, afternoon, and evening) that are supposed to be triggered every day starting the 10th of November. The morning survey is fixed and afternoon and evening surveys are random within intervals. And so far the morning and afternoon study work fine. That is, they have been triggered daily since the 10th of November.

However, the evening survey has been triggered since the 8th of November to every participant. In addition, it has only been triggered for each participant on one occasion (instead of daily). That is, it started too early and it is not triggered on a regular basis. For instance, some participants received the evening survey on the 8th but not since. Others received on the 10th for the first time but not again yesterday. We checked the triggering logics and notification settings and they are identical to the afternoon survey (besides the hours of the day of course) but for some reason, the afternoon survey works but the evening survey does not.

Looking forward to your help! Thank you in advance!

Kind regards
Josie Vorhauer

Hi @j.vorhauer

It seems the evening survey was changed after some participants enrolled in the study. Because I can see some participants are having version 3 of the survey, and they have the survey being prompted to them every evening, but some other participants have version 1 or 2 of the survey and for those the evening survey is not available every day.

Can you please confirm after changing the study, you published the survey and asked all existing participants to reload the settings on their phone?