Ethica updates on Iphone

Hi there,

We recently tested our questionnaire among some colleagues and noticed there were a lot of problems with updates for Iphone users. Some people reported that sometimes after updates they would be no longer in the study, only to be back in the study after another update. Is there a way around this problem? In the real study, I also imagine a lot of people will use Iphones, so we would need the app to work on all phones.

Hi @e.l.demoor

Can you be more specific what was the problem you faced in the iPhone app during your test. It often helps a lot if you give more details such as:

  • What user and study ID experienced this issue?
  • What time the issue happened?
  • What was the steps that led to the problem?

This way we can better investigate if there has been an issue, or explain how to resolve it.

Thank you

I apologize for not be specific enough. The problems happened for our study with ID 751, the participant who experienced the update issues was number 12848.

The update problem happened on May 28 (she contacted me around 9am, so I’m guessing sometime before this). She then accepted another update around 9.30am and this solved the problem.

As for the steps that led up to it; I think that was the update.

Hi @e.l.demoor

The report for this participant shows the following for 27th and 28th:

May 27th 2019, 07:35:27.454 UTC - Study update started. Reason: server request.
May 27th 2019, 07:35:29.448 UTC - User checked "Upload via Wifi Only" setting.
May 27th 2019, 07:35:29.954 UTC - Study update finished successfully after 2 seconds.
May 28th 2019, 07:05:53.081 UTC - Study update started. Reason: server request.
May 28th 2019, 07:05:54.699 UTC - User checked "Upload via Wifi Only" setting.
May 28th 2019, 07:05:55.179 UTC - Study update finished successfully after 2 seconds.

As you said, two study updates happened on those dates, but they both finished successfully, and there was no specific problem there.

But we are aware of the issue that in certain cases, if study update fails, the study or the error message does not appear, and the app mistakenly says “You are not participating in any study”, and when the participant tries to enrol it fails as she is in fact already enrolled. In this cases, pressing “Update Studies” resolves the issue.

We have not been able to reproduce this problem enough to find a solution for it, as it seldom happens. So I don’t believe if this is going to be an issue in your main study. Regardless, if you notice this issue (or any other issue) again, please tell us the approximate time the problem happened and the details of the issue you noticed, and we will investigate right away. We will also keep an eye for this issue in case this happens again.

Thank you