Enabling additional questions depending on time of the week

Dear all,

We have an evening survey with a number of questions that goes off using a time triggering logic. However, we want to include 4 extra questions on the last day of the week. We don’t want a new survey for those 4 questions, we want the same evening survey with four extra questions on the last day of the week. I thought that setting up an additional time triggering logic 7 days after the start of the study, and specifying the time triggering logic ID in the criteria of those 4 extra questions should do the trick, but it doesn’t.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or does anybody have an idea of how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @themappingstudy

I believe Faham responded to this question before in support mail, but I will include the response here just for reference:

Unfortunately we do not have support for accessing the tl_id from within the criteria at the moment. I’m afraid your best approach at the moment would be to put those 4 questions in a separate survey.