Duration for Survey Submissions shows zero

Study No 840

The duration for the submissions for most of my participants is showing as zero as shown in the screen shot below. Examples of participants affected are 14544 and 14556 for submissions made on September 26. Also why does the “Answered in … minutes” indicate such long periods?

Grateful for your assistance.

Hey Patricia,

Thanks for identifying these issues. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for uploaded files to be accessible on the dashboard, that’s why it’s showing zero in the player, please take another look and those media files should be ready to access by now.

For the second issue you raised for long periods reported for “Answered in …”, everything looks normal and the only reason for those long periods is it took so long for the participant to respond to those survey sessions. We’ve adjusted that time period presentation to be more readable though.


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Thank you very much for the adjustments. I guess it is that some participants lunch the survey but don’t complete it immediately. It’s fine now.

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