Downloading data

Can someone help provide more detailed instructions on downloading Ethica data in a CSV or SPSS format? All I can find on Ethica learn or FAQ pages are very broad. I am hoping to test the data export to make sure I am setting up the surveys in a format that is easy to analyze.

To download a CSV file of survey responses:

  1. go to [your study]/surveys/responses/
  2. select which participants’ surveys you want to see
  3. select either a survey, or all the surveys, (it’s either one or all AFAIK)
  4. then click the download button; you get a dropdown menu with CSV and JSON format; select CSV

… et voila. You get a zipped CSV file(s) per your specifications. It’s been a long while since I used SPSS but I’m sure it will read it OK.

Two notes, while I’m thinking of it:

  • If you do save the CSV file in XLSX format for whatever reason, it is highly likely that Excel will mess up the dates and times
  • I have some R code which cleans the extra words out of the CSV file and renames columns according to a consistent schema – let me know if you might like to use it

Thanks @atdutoit for the help :slight_smile:

Thank you!! If you are willing to share your R code that would be very helpful!

The code is here:

My github page

… free as in beer (though citations gratefully accepted :slight_smile: )

Flick me an email at A dot dutoit at westernsydney edu au – the instructions may not be that great.

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