Does the app always still to be active to collect sensors data

Hi there. Naive question again; discussing with one guy of your team before starting the study, I’m pretty sure he told me that the app does not need to be always active (on the phone’s background) to get the data I’m interested in, that are, daily number of steps and first and last screen activity + screen activity at night every 24-hour.

My question is: can I get this information if my participants does not have their app active all the time (day and night); which would corresponds to an “in operation” at 100%? I have a lot of participants that only switch on the app to answer a survey every two weeks; should I told them to keep their app active all the time between the surveys? It’s not clear to me.

Many thanks! Guillaume.

Hi @guillaume.chevance

You are correct. The app needs to be always active in order to collect data. Note that it does not have to be always running in the foreground, it can be in the background of course. But it should be running. If terminated, it won’t collect any data. The In Operation metric shows what % of the time the app was running (in the foreground or the background).

Here you can find some more information on this topic.


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