Distribution form Prompts

Hello all,

for the analysis of the data I would need to specify some numerical information about the spread of the prompts (normal form). Is there any basic info on what distribution the prompts come in? (specifically: standard deviation)

Thanks a lot!


Dear Marlon,

If you add time-triggering logic to your activity and select a periodic trigger, two options will appear: normal distribution and uniform distribution.
In the “Period” field, there is a section labeled “First Trigger,” which includes both lower_bound and upper_bound time options. These values can be defined as absolute times if you choose the “Absolute Time Format” or as relative to the registration time if you opt for the “Relative Time Format.” The prompt time is determined based on these lower_bound and upper_bound settings.

If you choose the “Normal Distribution” option, the mean is calculated as follows: mean = lower_bound + (upper_bound - lower_bound) / 2, and the deviation is calculated as: deviation = (upper_bound - lower_bound) / 4.

If you decide to use the “Repeatedly Trigger the Activity” feature with the “Repetition” field, for each occurrence, the lower_bound and upper_bound values are adjusted by the datetime interval chosen in the “Repeat” settings.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require additional clarification.