Difficulties with Data syncing


We are trying to iron out some glitches with data syncing prior to using the app on a clinical population tp monitor activity levels. We are having a lot of issues with data syncing, mainly from iPhones, would anyone be able to provide some explanation as to why this isn’t working well? When comparing the data we are receiving from the individual participants’ phones, with another pedometer app they are either significantly different (300steps versus 15,000 steps) or we aren’t receiving the data at all.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



The two studies in question are 752 and 778.

I have since tried to look at any possible error messages etc through Kibana, but for example the user ID 13066 doesn’t have any data on Kibana, despite having data entry in the Data Quantity Report.

Hi @cmolarte,

Can you be more specific which participant has the issue and what is the issue you are referring to? Both the Android and the iOS app collect the data and upload them automatically, but they do require to remain operational in the background in order to do so.

For the apps to remain operational when you close them, the participant should provide the permissions that the app requests. The permissions vary by the study and depends on the data you intent to collect, but most often includes the permission to send notifications and the permission to access GPS (even if no GPS is collected, as discussed here ).

The articles in this page can also help on what has to be done on Android and iOS to ensure the app functions properly in the background.

If there is a specific case you have in mind, please let me know.