Default value on VAS

I can’t seem to set the default value on my VAS questions to anything other than 0 - is it possible to do this?
I’ve noticed in my data that when participants are wanting to rate items ‘0’ they therefore don’t have to touch the visual scale but it therefore appears as a ‘n/a’ in the data. Given the response patterns around these scores (i.e. items after and before have been completed) I dont believe these have been purposely skipped but reflect that the participants are wanting to score the item ‘0’. I hope that makes sense.

I’ve previously set items as mandatory, but in my practice trials even when I moved the VAS up to 10 and back down to 0, it didnt recognise this choice and would not let me proceed. I therefore removed the mandatory setting.

Thank you for your help

Hi @l.j.trevithick2

The thumb on the slider is shown initially on the “default” value. Now if participants want to choose the default value, they need to move the thumb away from the default value, and back again, e.g. move it to 10 and then back to 0, in order to capture the response.

If the y don’t do that. and leave the thumb unmoved, no response is recorded and the system assumes they wanted to skip the question. That’s why if the question is mandatory they would see a message asking them to answer the question first. But if the question is optional, such as your case, no answer is recorded.

Hope it helps,

Thanks Mohammad,
Can i ask if there is a way of changing the default value on VAS items?

You can set the default value by adjusting the “Default” property of the question.


Thanks mohammad. however there isnt a ‘default’ property on the VAS questions - or at least none that i can see. On my screen the VAS properties list includes maximum, step, right/left anchor etc but no ‘default’ value. Where can I find the default property?

Hey @l.j.trevithick2

Sorry for my late reply. For some reason I did not get a notification about your reply.

I was wrong. The question does not support “default” value. But we are updating the user interface of the VAS questions and the new version does not show the thumb by default. The new version should be rolled out within the next week.

Sorry again for my delayed reply,

Dear Mohammah,
I as wondering whether the ‘default’ value is already supported?
Also, is there a way to set a minimum value (other than 0)?

Thank you!

Hi @t.vantimmeren

In the new VAS question, there is no default value anymore. By default, user does not see any thumb on the slider line. Instead, a message is shown below the line saying “Tap anywhere on the line to start”:

Regarding the minimum value, unfortunately that is still only from 0.