Completed, submitted, but not recognised as such


We experience app-related problems with one participant (EthicaID = 16293). That is, this person has completed and and submitted 5/6 or 6/6 of the surveys over the past days, but they were not recorded as “completed” in Ethica. Could you please have a look at it to see whether something is wrong??

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As far as I can see all past sessions of this participant have submitted/expired or invalid_criteria status. Probably it took a couple of days before sessions’ responses get uploaded but those should be already uploaded now. Please take another look.


@faham Hi! Could you check two other participants, related to this issue (in the same study): (1) EthicaID 17273, does not receive questionairres anymore since yesterday. Even the questionairres of today that are still to come are marked as expired. (2) EthicaID 16250 says she filled out all questionairres but this does not correspond to our data.

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User 16250 has responded to only some of the surveys and the rest are expired according to their history log. History of users actions on the mobile app could be seen using Kibana (more info here).
User 17273 has been consistently submitting responses and suddenly rate of submitted responses dropped during last couple of days, which can be due to not receiving notifications! Will look more info this and get back to you shortly.


This is the schedule of participant 17273:

Why does the system perceive the responses on the 12th-16th of Dec as ‘expired’ already while it is only the 9th of Dec today? To me, this looks really strange…


Related to this participant (16293), he

/she added this screenshot as proof that he submitted the questionairre. Note the page 50/50.

Thanks for reporting this, we’re investigating this issue.

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Regarding this issue, I noticed the triggering properties has some semantic errors. For example, survey 4780 has absolute date-time values for it’s period start and end while the format is set to relative. I also checked other surveys and looks like the triggers are not as expected. I was wondering if you have uploaded a modified JSON at some point.
To fix this issue please double check the triggers.

Please let us know if this issue still persists.


Hi Faham,

Thanks for your reply. That might indeed have caused troubles. Yet, the remarkable thing is that this problem started in the weekend of 30-11/ 1-12 (see picture below), the weekend that we’ve encountered problems with other users as well… Besides, the problem of scheduled future triggers that are expired already only applies to this participant and not to the others, while the trigger settings in our survey do apply to all participants.
We have not modified the JSON file since the onset of the the study (26th of Nov). Do you think other participants might encounter this problems in the future as well?


While the errors in the surveys triggering-logic led to an undefined behavior in the mobile app, other participants would most probably face issues in near future. To prevent escalation of this issue I’d recommend to update the problematic surveys using the online editor as soon as possible. Also choose to update participant devices (Yes. Update devices for all currently-enrolled participants) when publishing the changes, or if you have access to participants let them know to choose Reload Studies from settings to receive the latest changes.

In terms of the issue, if open up the survey in the editor you’ll see the period start/end is set to 2019 days after joining date, it is because an absolute date 2019-xx-xx xx:xx:xx is set in the json while it should have been a relative date x xx:xx:xx as the format property is set to relative.