Changing the survey name and question id


I wanted to know how can I change the name and description of an activity. See screenshot attached (always says new activity, even though I provided a name while creating it).

Also is it possible to change the question and section IDs? I am not able to change these.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Hi @k.a.diwan

You can change the name of a survey using the Survey Editor. More on that here.

Note that you need to publish the survey in order to see the new name in the Activities page of the Researcher Dashboard.

For the question ID, you cannot modify a question ID. When created, question IDs cannot change. That’s because these IDs are linked to the responses on the server side, and changing them can invalidate the associated responses. The good news is that the ID has no importance other than identifying a question. It does not have to be in a sequence, or start from 1 or anything.

Hope it helps,