Can't change survey Notification text from default

I’ve made a test survey (i.e. 4402) with Notification text that I wrote especially for it, but when I release it to myself I am still getting the default Notification text: “New Survey / Tap to start the survey from Pathways Study”. I have published it to myself and updated my studies, and it launches OK, but the Notification text is not what I wrote.

Edit: I downloaded the JSON file to check, and the Notification text that I wrote is in there.

Hi @atdutoit

The notifications you create are only used for time-triggered sessions. If you prompt the same survey to yourself via the server, it uses a default text still. We are working to expand that so you can specify the notification content when releasing survey from the server as well, and I hope we can have it rolled out soon.

Ahhh OK. I will test it on myself from an inactive study then. :slight_smile: Thank you!