Calendar Question type does not allow choosing prior or after time

Hi I have a survey question that asks particpants when did they wake up. The question requires them to choose a time, however, it is not possible to choose anytime before or after the current time and I am not sure what to do. Whenever I try to use the slider to change the time to say two hours ago, the slider comes back to the current time. Any idea how to fix this?

Hi Arasht
Thank you for reaching out.
I’m not too sure which type of questions you chose for this purpose. However, I would recommend you choose the Calendar question. You can find it in the right panel, +New item. For more details please check the following link:

Also, if this study has been already published and someone is testing it on a device, please remember to reload the devices before running a new test:

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other doubts or questions.
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Hi Maryam,

Hope all is well. I actually have chosen the calendar type already. the problem is, let’s say I ask someone what time did you wake up today? When they try to choose a time, it only allows them to choose the current time, not a time in the past or in the future. The moment I roll it over to a previous time (say two hours ago), it basically reverts back to the current time.


Hi Arash

Thank you for the details.

There seems to be a bug with the survey you’ve created.
May I ask for the Study ID and Survey ID? Then, our tech team can look into it and get back to you with a proper answer.

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It used to be in the morning survey ID 17583 but as I said it was not working so I deleted it.

Study number 2959. Can you please create a sample study with a sample question calendar type in my account and test it?

Dear Arash,
Thank you for your reply.
Can you add me to your study as a researcher? The email address is Please inform me when you’re done with it.
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I made a test survey and it is working now, but it was not working on any of our phones last week. Did you all fix something or what happened? we tested the functionality on two iphones and one android and it would not allow us choosing any time but the present time, it works now.

@arasht we made a release last week but not directly related to this. What version you were using before. If the issue is resolved we won’t look further into it. But let us know if had any other issues.