Calendar item doesn't work well

Hi all,

We’ve recently started the second wave of data collection and have run into an issue with the calendar item for some of our participants. Specifically, we have a calendar item in our baseline questionnaire which asks for participants’ date of birth. However, for some participants, we have noticed that the item doesn’t work properly. They can open the item and pick a date, but cannot “confirm” it. Sometimes after trying many times, the issue seems to be solved. Another way seems to deinstall the app and then reinstall.

I was wondering if this is an issue that you are familiar with, and if you can tell me where the problem might be. For an example of one of the participants who had this issue, I have pasted the IDs below.

Thanks in advance!


ID number study = 1043
ID participant = 27183 (entered the study on May 20, 2020 15:27)

Hi Elisabeth,

Thanks for reporting this. It took us a bit time to find out what is the problem. The issue is limited to the Ethica iOS app running on iPhone SE devices. What happens is that the first question is a Text question. When the participant responds to that, and then moves to the next question that is a Calendar question, the app keeps the focus on the previous Text question, and the participant cannot respond to the Calendar question.

I’ve asked my colleague to work on this issue and include this in our next app update. In the meantime, if participants just respond to any other question in the page and then try to respond to the calendar question, it works as expected.

Thanks a lot for reporting this.