Assign surveys/individualize surveys

Is it possible to assign questionnaires/activities to subjects individually? So we would like to personalize/individualize questionnaires, but not based on participants’ answers, but assign questionnaires manually by us investigators (This would be significant as soon as we have to divide subjects into two groups without them noticing). So far I have read about the “Criteria” and “Placeholder” settings, but they are not helpful for us.

Is this possible?

Thank you very much for the support and information!!

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Hi @marlon.westhoff,

Thanks for asking this question! Currently criteria allows controlling how sessions get generated based on participant responses to certain questions, otherwise there is no other way to assign an activity to a participant. Having that said, I must mention, we’re currently working on a new feature which allows researcher to define sessions for participants in a customized way, so they can exactly identify which participant at what time get which session. This gives researcher the ultimate control over what activity and when be prompted to which participant.

However this feature is still underdevelopment and I can’t give any exact deadline for it’s roll-out. But it should be available in around a month from now.