Answer validation

I am wondering whether there is an option for answer validation for the Text questions. For example, if I only want participants to enter a numerical value, is there a way to automatically validate that the answer is a number?
I know that there is also a Number question format. However I think typing a number would be more convenient in some instances.
Thank you in advance

Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

All Text Questions accept an option called Format. Format accepts a regular expression where you can specify the format of the input. More on that here.


Hi Mohammad,
Thank you for your reply. I have added this Format feature to Q12606_20 to test it out, but when I go to preview and try to fill in the registration date (I have section criteria based on this) I get taken to a page that says “sorry, something went wrong”

Do you have any idea what is going on?

Hi dear @e.m.s.dinkelberg
I tested it, no problem, it worked properly. please reload the page.


Hello Milad,
Thank you for your reply.
I have tried it many times now and I get taken to the same error page each time when I click on “Participant registration date and time”
I think I will go ahead and temporarily delete the registration date criteria from the survey to test the Format settings, but let me know if you figure out what might be wrong!


Hi Elodie,

Thanks for reporting the issue you had, and sorry for the late reply. I want to inform you that we found and fixed the issue, and it’ll be released today. So you can start to use criteria that are based on participant registration date time from tomorrow. Please do a hard refresh, and then try again.

Kind regards,
Alireza Dabiri Nejad

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