Allow participants to access their previous responses

Dear Ethica,

In the past it used to be possible for participants to access their previous responses in the app. As a researcher I can still set this through the Survey editor, but the option ‘history’ does not show up anywhere in the app on the participant’s phone. How can this be resolved? It was a real plus of Ethica that participants could have insight into their own answers in the app at any point.


Hi @d.hulsmans

Sorry for the confusion there. When we released this option, we realized that the feature needed a lot more work, before it’s something that researchers could use. So in the redesign of the app, we took out this feature. In the redesign of our Survey Editor (scheduled for early December) we will take this option out of Survey Editor as well.

I still think this is a very useful feature, and we do plan to revisit this and redesign it some time next year.

Sorry for the disappointment.