A sudden change in exported format


I was trying to export the data and then realized the format has changed. the data was always exported including missing data rows in the dataset, but now suddenly the missing data rows are not in the dataset anymore, so that our script for preprocessing and time-series statistical analyses does not work anymore. This is urgent because we are in a middle of a study where data is immediately analyzed to give feedback to the participants, so we urgently need the dataset in the previous format that included rows for the prompts where the participant did not answer (missing data rows).

Can you provide the dataset in the previous format with the missing data rows included?

Also, the format of the date changed from 2023-04-20 21:30:00 CEST to 2023-04-20 21:30:00+00:00, could you change it back to previous format (i.e., 2023-04-20 21:30:00 CEST) as well?

Study ID is 3176.

Dear @wing.yuk.tse

Sorry for this bad experience.
We already fixed the issue about having missing data rows and it would be in our next roll out, at Monday.
We will also fix the timezone format in the export, so participants’ data would be in their timezone instead of UTC.
Meanwhile, please reach out to us in the support thread that you initiated through support@rthicadata.com and I will give you the data in the previous format.