Survey Critertia remained false


While running a test trial for my study I am encountering the following problem:
I selected the passcode 20 in the 11907 activity which should trigger the activity with the ID 10828. This one is triggered 3 times daily (if the criteria Q11907_2 == 20 is met, like in my case).
However I have not received notifications for any survey and no survey is waiting for me when opening the app. Notifications are on and, strangely, it says that the next survey is scheduled for the 29th of March.
When I check the activity sessions for my EID I see that I already missed one survey (see screenshot). Why did I not receive a notification? Why did the survey not show up for me?
My study ID is 1413 and the EID is 35765.

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It seems this is a bug in our system that happens when you first create the target survey (10828) and then add the question to the source survey (11907). You first entered the criteria in survey 10828, knowing that later you will add the relevant question to the 11907. Then you went and modified the 11907.

Our system expected to always the criteria’s question be added to 11907 and then criteria be written in 10828. As this was not the case here, the above error happened.

To fix it, go to 10828, make a small change (like add something to the survey description), and publish it again. Then ask the participant to reload the study configuration in the app. This should fix the issue.

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